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Posted by: zachary 3/25/2006 9:55 AM

 Attack of the Bear

            John hunted often and had no trouble.  His most recent hunt however was not an ordinary one.

            It started normally.  John got his gun, boots, and camouflage suit and headed toward the forest.  He walked for about 25 minutes before he reached his favorite spot.  He sat on a log and waited for a deer to appear.  He waited, and waited, and waited until he dozed off to sleep.  When he awoke he yawned, opened his eyes and looked straight into the face of an enormous black bear.

            John was terrified and instinctively reached for his gun.  As he grasped his gun he accidentally squeezed too hard and the gun fired off into the distance.  The noise startled the bear and he reared back on two feet, came down with his front legs in front of him, and slammed sown on John’s chest knocking the breath out of his body.

            John thought he felt a rib break under the pressure of the bear.  He lay there for a moment or two in pain before he could begin to think clearly.  He had obviously upset the bear and he needed to get out of there before the bear killed him.

            He opened his eyes and saw the bear’s jaw open ready to close around his right arm.  He swung his arm away, grabbed his gun with his left arm and rolled in the opposite direction of the bear.  John stood up, got into firing position and as he was about to pull the trigger and end this fiasco, the creature roared and charged at John.  John fired, but the lethal bullet merely clipped the bear’s shoulder.  When the charging bear got to John it stood up and slashed John’s right arm. John fell to the ground.  Again John rolled, got into firing position and pulled the trigger.  BANG!

            This time the bullet hit its mark in the bear’s chest.  The creature fell lifeless to the ground and John was safe.

            John was expecting a normal hunt and it ended up being a fight for his life, but with his incredible skill he survived this life-threatening encounter.


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